Our research work centers around informing the development of new methods and technology for information and communication. Digital technologies have had tremendous impact on societies around the world, but developing this tech isn’t easy.

Developing a piece of tech or a tool that strikes the right balance between accurate, impactful, and useful to an end-user is a difficult challenge where many fail.

Parenthetic’s clients understand the importance of bringing in experts and potential end-users (or sometimes just humans in general!) to inform new tech at the earliest stages of development.

This can be anything from an informal “round-table” brainstorm with a tech development team to hands-on participation in software testing or evaluation.

Whatever the format of the study, Parenthetic finds and schedules the right talent to participate.

We’re passionate about developing new techniques and technologies to tackle difficult challenges with global impact and we’re looking for others who feel the same!

If this sounds like you, scroll below to understand how our studies work.

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Parenthetic bridges the gap between newly developed technology and end-users: Translating end-user requirements to technical teams and similarly translating technology capabilities and features to targeted end-users.

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How Our Studies Work

The opinions you share help organizations improve their products, services, and brand imaging. Getting involved in our studies is as easy as taking an eligibility screener that will determine if your general knowledge areas or experiences with certain products or services are a match to the research we are conducting.

Our research is conducted in a variety of ways, ranging from in-person methods (like focus groups, interviews, and communities of practice) to online methods (like surveys and usability studies).

Your contributions to these discussions are highly valuable, and so it’s customary to compensate participants for their time and input. Compensation varies based on the method and length of the research, and also on the organization conducting the research.


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